How do I know if my snow removal contractor is certified?

You can hire a contractor that has agreed to protect our waters by using less salt. These contractors have taken a class and passed a test to become certified by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.

For a list of certified individuals, visit: https://www.pca.state.mn.us/water/training.

If you like your current snow removal service, but they aren’t certified, ask them to attend a training.

How do I know which type of deicer to use?

What is a deicer?

A deicer is a product that melts snow and ice and is used to break the bond between snow/ice and the pavement.

What is rock salt?

Rock salt is another name for NaCl or sodium chloride. It is a common deicer that is inexpensive, but it does not melt effectively at low temperatures.

Are any deicers environmentally-friendly?

No. All deicers impact the environment.

What does practical melting temperature refer to?

This is the lowest temperature that a deicer will melt snow and ice effectively. What is the practical melting temperature of a deicer blend? It’s hard to tell. Refer to the practical melting temperature chart to get an idea of the lowest temperature at which the ingredients work.

When is the best time to apply a deicer?

Right after the storm and after shoveling. Let the deicer work to break the bond between the snow and pavement and then shovel again.

Should I mix salt and sand together?

No. Sand only provides traction when it is on top of snow and ice. Salt will melt the sand into the snow and ice making it ineffective.