Thursday Feb. 28th

Email the Committee Members asking for their support of the ‘salt’ limited liability bill (House Bill HF1502, Senate version SF1667). This bill passed the House Environment & Natural Resources Policy Committee and is on its way to Ways & Means on Monday, March 4th.,rep.rob.ecklund@house.mnrep.rod.hamilton@house.mnrep.rick.hansen@house.mnrep.alice.hausman@house.mnrep.jerry.hertaus@hous,

Sample Email:
Please support House Bill HF1502, Senate version SF1667. Business are scared into over salting because they are terrified of the liability of falls on their property. Oversalting isn’t any safer, it just pollutes water.

But there is a way out of this vicious cycle of fear-fueled over-salting. Part of the answer lies in passing a law to limit the liability certified salt applicators that practice smart salting techniques. Similar legislation was passed six years ago in New Hampshire and it is resulting in less salt use there.

Under this proposed law, the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency would create a program to certify commercial salt applicators in water-friendly methods. This training program would promote best management practices that use the least amount of salt while ensuring safe conditions on streets and sidewalks. Certified commercial applicators as well as the owner, occupant or lessee who hired that applicator would have only limited liability for damages or injuries arising from icy or snowy hazards as long as the snow and ice removal best management practices were followed. Records would need to be kept detailing the type, rate of application of de-icing materials used, dates, and weather conditions in order to show that the proper procedures are being taken to ensure safety.

Doesn’t this make sense to use a little common sense and limit liability? After reasonable measures are taken and documented, that’s really all that can be done to ensure safety.


Attend the the Ways and Means Committee Meeting to voice your opinion.

They meet on Monday at 9:45 a.m. in Room 200 at the MN State Capitol.